Browse our Sicily holiday rentals selection choosing from a rich catalogue of villas and holiday homes near the best locations of the region. We have travelled across the island to choose the most elegant luxury holiday homes, estates near Sicily’s best beaches, large family villas and cozy apartments for couples. We have it all! All you have to do is choosing the estate you most desire, and we will do the rest: you won’t regret!

We travelled across the island to find each single estate you can now see on our villas in Sicily catalogue, because every single estate has been carefully hand-picked. The holiday rentals in Sicily part of our selection must meet our high quality standards, offer something very peculiar, and most of all be just what our guests wish for when they are looking for the perfect holiday rental in Sicily.

Sicily is an enchanting island. The Western region is deeply different from the East, as well as the inland and the coast are two worlds apart. Apart from the accomodations we tried to pick locations where those peculiarities stand out. Each and every villa in Sicily you will find here is part of that atmosphere. 

Among the destinations we offer that tourists usually choose for their summer holidays, Sicily is one where most likely you would look for holiday rentals. The island has, indeed, two faces, you can stay in the big cities, or find a resort near the beach, but the true spirit of this land is to be found in the country, or on those stretches of coast a little bit off the beaten path. There nature is at its best, and the lovely little seaside towns are jewels awaiting to be discovered. 

Right there we found some of our most beautiful and charming villas that today are part of our holiday rentals in Sicily selection. Try and take a look to our villas in Sicily with private pool for instance: that’s where you will find the unique atmosphere of the island, its scents, its rustic landscapes, its most intense tastes. Or find the home you have always dreamed of among our villas near Sicily’s nature reserves, to discover their wild heart and their crystal blue sea.

Sicily villas for 2

Find the perfect holiday villa in Sicily for a romantic getaway, just the two of you, the sun and the sea.